Pygora Fiber Rovings

We finally have Pygora Goat rovings back in stock. The white rovings are absolutely superburb. We also have some very soft grey. There is also some very dark brown/black rovings that are blended with Marino.

All of our Pygora rovings are commercially cleaned, dehaired and processed. These are natural colors, ready for you to dye and/or spin. Very soft and luxurious. Check out the
Pygora Fiber page.

Check out our newly arrived yarn.

Pygora fiber is famous for its soft handle and luster. Our Pygora yarn has a beautiful sheen and a wonderful soft feel. We have lace, sport and worsted weight yarn in white and grey. It has been commercially processed and dehaired.

The kids are growing and starting to put on nice fleece.

We have 5 Pygora kid goats left in a variety of colors. Plus we have a nice yearling doe. Check out these lovable and fun-loving Pygora goats for sale .

Fellow fiber producers - we will buy your fiber.

Have you have been accumulating boxes of fiber and wondering how you can generate some income from it? As part of our efforts to support fellow small farmers, we buy or consign your fiber. If you are a producer of fine fibers, from Pygora to Alpaca, Silk to Linen, contact us.




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