Get involved with the 4-H

The Golden Fleece 4-H club has a two prong focus - on fiber producing animals, including Pygora Goats, Alpaca and Llamas and in projects involving the fiber from their animals.

We participate in the Washington County Fair every year. The kids (both the human and goat kids) work hard while having a great time. They have the opportunity to show off their animals and educate the public about their wonderful Pygora goat or other animal. In the 2008 and 2010 Washington County Fair, The Golden Fleece group won the Herdsmanship Championship for the fair! Everyone worked hard together and also had a lot of fun.

The 2010 Junior and Intermediate 4-H Master Showmanship Champions were both from the Golden Fleece club. This is always a lot of fun for the kids to learn and show livestock they may not be otherwise familiar with (such as swine, beef cattle, sheep and other. Both of the 2010 Champions spent a lot of time studying all the animals and were well prepared for the judges scrutiny. Well done to Kendall and Nathaniel.

It is not a problem if you don't have your own Pygora Goat, or a place to keep an animal. There are animals available for lease and they can be boarded. It will be your project animal to train and show in the county fair.

The 4-H Club members also work on fiber projects. This includes knitting, crochet and felting projects. These projects are entered as 4H projects at the Washington County Fair. Many of the club member's items went on to the Oregon State Fair.

If you are interested Pygora Goat 4-H, please contact Janet at 503.925.8305 or